Plant Groath Promoter

Jaivik is an acknowledged manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the finest quality plant growth promoter manufacturer also perceives as a bio plant stimulator as well as soil conditioners due to its positive effects on the soil and crop. This plant growth promoter (PGP) is composed from biological derivatives and hence it is absolutely safe and chemical free composition. This plant growth promoter (PGP) improves resistant ability of all types of crops to cold, drought and disease, and thus promotes the overall health of the crops. The offered plant growth prompter is a widely acclaimed product for delivering incredible quality of the final yield along with productivity, is available in the capacious range.

The range of this Plant Growth Promoter is briefed below:

Humax Gold
Pure,Neem Pesticide in Ahmedabad
Jack,Liquid Humic Fertilizer Manufacturer
Micro Mixer, Chelated Micronutrient Supplier
Om-Flower, Flowering Stimulant Manufacturer
Stick-On,Agricultural Pesticide Manufacturer
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