Jaivik is expertise in offering Organic insecticide that is derived from natural sources. As a trustworthy exporter, supplier, and manufacturer, Organic Insecticides, Organic Manufacturer of different high-quality insecticides, we make sure that all our products meet the exact needs of the clients efficiently. We work towards coming up with insecticides that have the lowest adverse environmental effects. These products keep the crops & plants completely safe from different harmful insects. Moreover, our Organic Pesticides possess an excellent ability to mix with the soil and the plant easily and show immediate & quality results.

We offer this blast to clients in a variety of fragrances to meet exact needs. These blast are wisely formulated using the best quality herbs. These blasts are non-toxic in nature. Best known for their shelf life, these products have an excellent composition. We offer this product to clients in excellent packing at competitive prices.

Brief on Blast :

Used as On During the sucking pest stage of the insect
Dose 50ml/15liter of water
Recommended time At any time
Function To control BPH, Thrips, Mites, Whitefly, some percentage of Ahid & Jassid, and all Sucking Pest.
Content Citrus Paradisi peel extract, Capsicum Cleocin, Ginger extract and Garlic extract, mint, thyme
Compatibility Mix with most of all pesticides/ fungicides/PGR
Pack In HDPE bottles
Packing Available 50 ml/ 100 ml/ 250 ml/ 500 ml/ 1 L / 5 L
Bulk Packing 50 L /200 L HDPE Containers
Minimum Order Quantity 200 L
blast organic anti sucking pest, Organic Pesticide Manufacturer

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