Jaivik is a truly evaluated manufacturer, supplier and exporter for introducing an eco friendly solution for the mites in terms of organic miticides, is obtained from microbes and plants like Margos, Neem and other plants oil. Miticides constitute an importand group pesticides which used for protecting the plant from harmful pests.This organic miticide is being sprayed on the plant at the time of diseases in order to control thrips and all types of mites found in a greenhouse and indoor/outdoor gardens that suck the juice of the fruits, flowers and leaves causing leaves turn pale, splotchy and silvery, then die.

This organic miticides is effective in small quantities and thereby is cost efficient too, besides Eco friendly, available under the brand name Jackson and recommended for both, crop field as well as horticulture field. This bio insecticide is available in the different packaging material and size in order to fulfill the exact requirement of the individual in a short period of time.

Brief on Jackson :

Used as On During the Thrips and Mites Attack
Dose 20ml/15liter of water
Recommended time At The Time of Pest Attack
Function To control Thrips and All Types of Mites
Content Clove, NeemOil, Eucalypti Oil,rose mary,thyme
Compatibility Mix with most of all pesticides/ fungicides/PGR
Pack In Aluminum bottle / HDPE bottles
Packing Available 100 ml/ 250 ml/ 500 ml
Bulk Packing 50 L /200 L HDPE Containers
Minimum Order Quantity 200 L
jackson - Neem Pesticide Manufacturer

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