Jiva Black Gold

Jaivik has earned a considerable reputation in India as well as foreign countries as a best manufacturer, supplier and exporter for serving the agricultural segment with the exemplary and consistent quality black gold is a one of the strongest bio fertilizers known for its immediate results besides Eco friendliness. This black gold bio fertilizer is a combination of humic acid and seaweed extracts that has a synergistic effect and provides incredible benefits for using together than alone. The formulation of the black gold bio fertilizer has carried out by combining humic acid extracted from the leonardit, sediment, marine atmospheres or humus with the seaweed extracts, is highly sought after bio fertilizer for providing matchless results in terms of healthier, stronger and more disease resistant plants or crops.

Jiva Black Gold,Bio Fungicide Manufacturer
Jiva Black Gold, Bio Fungicide Manufacturer

This black gold bio fertilizer is an economical solution for your plants or crops, is one of the highly sought after bio fertilizer across the world, available under the brand name of Jiva black gold bio fertilizer. This black gold bio fertilizer is compatible with fruits, vegetables, any type of crops as well as horticulture crops, available in the broadest range and different packaging option in order to fulfill requirements of the individual promptly.

Brief on Jiva Black Gold – Bio Fertilizer:

Used as On Any Field Crops/ Horticultural Crops/ Fruit Crops
Dose 5 kg per acre
Recommended Time At any time
Function Growth and flowering stimulant by root growth
Content Sea Weed and Humic acid
Compatibility Mix with all types of Pesticides/Fungicides and PGR product
Pack In HPPE Pouch packing
Packing Available 5 kg pouch / 25 kg /50 kg bag / 50 kg drum
Bulk Packing 50 kg HDPE bags
Minimum Order quantity 15 Ton

Benefits of Jiva Black Gold – Bio Fertilizer:

  • Stimulates more lateral root development and root mass
  • Plants can take up more water and nutrients effectively, resulted in higher yield
  • Help imparts better color
  • Help collect higher amount of vitamins and plant protection agents
  • Improve the capability to withstand heat and water stress
  • Plant produces 50% more superoxide dismutase (plant protection agent)
  • Protects cell membranes, chlorophyll membranes and mitochondrial membranes
  • Keep the growth of the plant at peak efficiency

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