Jaivik has gained a forefront position in India as well as overseas countries as a trustworthy manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the bio fertilizer for providing a prestigious range of the bio fertilizer that is absolutely economical besides nontoxic & nature friendly. The offered bio fertilizer manufacturer is basically amino humic shiny balls having dark gold color, used to improve quality of the soil, encompass a certain amount of amine group, a carboxylic acid group and a side chain that varies between different amino acids. These molecules are used in the formulation of bio fertilizer are selected carefully, which holds all the necessary elements for the soil, including Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen. The humic acid used in this bio fertilizer is extracted from leonardit, sediment, marine atmospheres or humus and is immensely appreciated in the agriculture for drastically enhance the quality of the soil in a shorter time.

This bio fertilizer is one of the highest selling products of Jaivik under the brand name real for its abundant advantages over the chemical fertilizer, Bio Fertilizer in Ahmedabad principally used for improving soil quality; intensifying growth, as well as development of the roots. This bio fertilizer (amino humic shiny balls) is recommended for both field crop and horticulture crops, available in the different packaging and size options and can be availed from us any time with the assurance of on time delivery.

real, Humic Amino Acid Ball Manufacturer

Benefits of Real – Bio Fertilizer (Amino Humic Shiny Balls):

  • Improve soil structure and reduce nutrient losses
  • Augment uptake of chemical fertilizer by root
  • Develop thicker, greener, and healthier foliage
  • Augment aeration of the soil
  • Increase percentage of total nitrogen in soil
  • Boost more, larger, longer lasting, and more beautiful flowers
  • Increase the water holding capacity of soil
  • Increase yields in most crops drastically
  • Increase the protein, vitamin, and mineral contents of most fruits and vegetables

Brief of Real – Bio Fertilizer (Amino Humic Shiny Balls):

Used as On Any Crops
Dose 1.800 kg /per acre
Recommended Time At any time
Function To increase growth and no. of flowers and to prevents pre-dropping of fruits & flowers
Content Amino Humic Shiny Ball
Compatibility Mix with all types of Pesticides/Fungicides and PGR product
Pack In HDPE bottles
Packing Available 1kg Pouch, 1kg/2kg/4kg Jar
Bulk Packing 25 kg and 40 Kg
Minimum Order Quantity 1 to n

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