Bio Insecticide

We are famous as a Bio Insecticide Manufacturer in India

Jaivik is a celebrated manufacturer, supplier, and exporter among farmers in India as well as foreign countries for rendering matchless solutions for crop insects in terms of Bio insecticide Manufacturer is a form of active ingredients based on microorganisms like naturally-occurring substances, including plant extracts and semiochemicals. This organic formulation of bioinsecticide has proven its effectiveness in the regulation of miscellaneous types of insects that feed on crops and ensures eternal protection of the crop and soil from disease-causing insects. This range of bio insecticide is Virulence and recommended for all types of field crops as well as horticultural crops, is accessible at the most competitive rates in the market.

The Range of this Bio insecticide Incorporates:

Canan,Bio Miticide In Ahmedabad
Sunami, Bio Insecticide Exporter
Lasor Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

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