Humax Gold

Jaivik has become a legendary manufacturer, supplier and exporter in the field of agriculture for rendering nonpareil solution in terms of a plant growth promoter that effectively intensify the growth of the plant or crop. This plant growth promoter under brand name Humax Gold is formulated using 98% humic acid, which is one of the excellent organic content derived from leonardite that imparts considerable amount of carbon and oxygen to the plant together with also imparts hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorous and sulfur that is essential for the structural improvement of the respective crop or plant in order to promote the growth of the same. This humic acid plant growth promoter is also imperative to improve the capability of the plant to uptake and obtain more nutrients from the soil, is broadly used plant growth promoter due to its non toxic, Eco friendly and cost efficient aspects.

This humic acid is absolutely water soluble plant growth promoter and is compatible with any type of crop, fruits, vegetables and horticulture crop. The ability to increase the growth of the roots and thus the growth of the plant factor of this humic acid plant growth promoter has boosted its demand worldwide, can be availed in the different size of packaging as per the requirement of the individual.

Brief on Humax Gold – Plant Growth Promoter:

Used as On Any Field Crops/ Horticultural Crops/ Fruit Crops
Dose 10gm /15liter of water
Recommended Time At any time and as a seed treatment, as foliar spray, as drenching
Function To increase growth of roots and ultimately it increases growth of plants
Content Humic Acid 98% (100% water soluble)
Compatibility Compatible with most of all pesticides/ fungicides/ PGR
Pack In HDPE bottles and Jar
Packing Available 50 gm / 100 gm / 250 gm / 500 gm
Bulk Packing 25 / 50 kg HDPE Bags
Humax Gold, Organic Insecticide Manufacturer

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