Jaivik is a famous as revolutionary manufacturer, supplier and exporter for propounding advanced technology based solution concerned with plant or crop, brings forth an exemplary quality plant growth promoter is a mixture of 35 % Benzene with Carboxylic Acid and Amino Acid. The substantial amount of the benzene in this plant growth promoter helps stimulate cell elongation and thus intensify the growth of flowers as well as prevent shedding of the flowers. Further, the amino content promotes hormonal activity and enforces their synthesis, thus helps plant in effectively blooming. This nitrobenzene based plant growth promoter is 100% organic, environmentally friendly as well as most beneficial for plants in order to develop fruit and leaf size, color and shape, branches and thus the fruit of remarkable quality and quantity.

This nitrobenzene based plant growth promoter is compatible with any type of field crop as well as horticulture crop, is one of the most effective plant growth promoters in regard to prevent the falling of the fruit and flower before maturing, available under the brand name Om Flower at the cutting rates in the market. This plant growth promoter can be availed in the variegated packaging options as well as sizes with an assurance of the prompt delivery within the stipulated time frame.

Brief on Om Flower – Plant Growth Promoter:

Used as On Any Field Crops/ Horticultural Crops/ Fruit Crops
Dose 25ml/15liter of water
Recommended Time At any time and as a seed treatment, as foliar spray, as drenching
Function To boost the flower yield and prevent shedding of flower & fruit
Content Nitro Benzene-35 % with Carboxylic Acid and Amino Acid
Compatibility with most of all pesticides/ fungicides/ PGR
Pack In HDPE bottles and  Jar
Packing Available 100ml, 250ml, 500ml ,1 ltr
Bulk Packing  50 / 200 ltr
Minimum Order Quantity 200 ltr
Om-Flower, Flowering Stimulant Manufacturer

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