Jaivik is an eminent manufacturer, supplier and exporter in domestic as well as international market for introducing incredible bio technological innovation in terms of bio insecticide, which is completely non hazardous for human, animals and environment. The grounds behind its harmless quotient is, it is made of the organic extracts microbes and plants like Alkaloid, Fatty Acid and Neem oil that has ability to considerably control the threat of Thrips, Mites and white fly that porch on the flowers, fruits and leaves and feed them, resulted in the pale, splotchy and dead crops. One can get rid of such an insects immediately by spraying this bio insecticide at the time of the disease and it does not cause any burning in case of overdo.

This bio insecticide is equally effective for the field crop as well as horticulture crop, and has gained considerable popularity in the agriculture due to its economical rates besides efficacy. This bio insecticide is available under the brand name Lasor, and is available in miscellaneous packaging option and size in order to fulfill requirements of the individual in a timely manner.

Brief on Lasor – Bio Insecticide:

Used as On
During the pest stage of the insect
20ml/15liter of water
Recommended Time At the time of Pest attack
Function To control all types of White Fly at any stage and also when heavy attack of White Fly
Content Alkaloid, Fatty Acid and Neem oil
Compatibility Mix with most of all pesticides/ fungicides/PGR
Pack In HDPE bottles
Packing Available 50 ml/ 100 ml/ 250 ml/ 500 ml/ 1 L
Bulk Packing 50 L /200 L
Minimum Order Quantity 200 L
Lasor Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

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